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Description : Indo Mix is dedicated to helping Indonesian music reach the rest of the World. This site gives an Artist all they need to get their recordings onto the World's best online music service.

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Utilise a deep understanding of digital music distribution, the digital retail landscape and digital music consumption to offer a realistic alternative to unlicensed online music sites and peer to peer networks for its Artists fans.


We understand that in countries like Indonesia, so called music piracy is more common in everyday music consumption, than sourcing that musical content from licensed legitimate online stores and services. After the original Napster first gained mass popularity and was eventually shut down in 2001, the music industry’s answer was to offer individual music files for sale, and technology companies like Apple to give the World the iPod. This enabled the music industry to start surviving in an online World. However, not all digital music users were convinced, as the cost associated with downloading the thousands of files they were used to getting from Napster, was just too great. Something new was needed.

The new Napster, after a change in owner, was quick to realize that what music fans wanted was unlimited access to as much or little music as they wanted, when they wanted it. They offered a subscription model which gave them exactly that. Of course this still meant the consumer would have to pay, and it still didn’t give them exactly the same service of DRM free files that they could share with anyone or burn to CD’s. Still the music industry hadn’t quite got it right.

At Indo Mix we believe that if a music fan is offered a comparable online music source that is licensed and operated legally, then they will switch to that, as actually real fans of music want to support the artists and bands that produce the music they listen to.

The mainstay of digital income is still very much the download ‘a la carte’ stores, most notably iTunes. So as a company we will be delivering your music to all the many different stores out there, but also to an ever growing list of new music services. These offer, FREE to the consumer, as much music as they want. They offer excellent music discover tools, like recommendation engines. They offer a richer online music experience through devices like proper editorial, music community forums, favourite track tagging, playlist creation and sharing, and many more. Where does the money come from? Through advertising or from technology companies who want to sell hardware or other services. Either they are pure streaming services, or they enable downloads that include adverts, or the subscription is included in an already established charge to the consumer, be it through their mobile phone, or ISP contract.

Indo Mix taps into the same Global digital distribution network that Universal Music Group does. This will give our Artists and Bands vast access to the new and established online music services. By doing so, we can create the opportunity for you to earn a living from your music – and best of all, without losing control of your music. Indo Mix, is not a traditional label. It is a company that believes that the most important thing is keeping its artists happy. We offer a favourable split in revenue, but we never own your music copyright, just the ability to act on your behalf. So when the time comes for you to move on, then you will be free to do so. Our hope is of course that you don’t, and we think that by offering you an unbeatable offer like this, you’ll want to use us to develop your career for many years to come.

The team behind Indo Mix is a mixture of seasoned digital music experts and those whose hearts and minds will forever love Indonesia, and the music it produces.


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